Smoothie Goodness


So in the spirit of eating healthily (or healthier!) for the new year, I’ve started making some vegetable and fruit smoothies to get my five-a-day in. BBC’s What to Buy and Why acknowledged this trend and reviewed smoothie makers from top of the range and budget options. Obviously I was more interested in the budget option models ha. The most popular model most people have is the NutriBullet which doesn’t come cheap so I was interested to see if the lower end models match up to it. The Salter NutriPro 1000 came out tops and I am now the proud owner of a shiny red one! The smoothies turn out, well, smooth with just a bit of texture still and make easy drinking so I’m happy.

I’ve made this fluorescent green delight a few times and it’s pretty delicious and doesn’t taste as vegetal as it looks because of the pineapple. I went posh with cavolo nero instead of normal kale because Lidl happened to have it in stock. The original recipe is from BBC Good Food‘s website and here’s my version of it if you like to try.

Bone builder smoothie

Serves 1

300 ml of coconut & pineapple water
Generous handful of spinach
Generous handful of kale
10cm piece of cucumber, peeled

Whizz it all up in the blender and drink it up whilst it’s still fresh. It tastes nicer and more refreshing when the ingredients are just out of the fridge.




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