Weekend jaunt in London 2

Kopapa 5

Sunday morning started with a lazy brunch at Kopapa, a Kiwi establishment in Seven Dials serving exciting fusion food. Tables online were booked up in advance so we took a chance, went there, put our names in the book and sat outside patiently under heating lamps for a table. It felt a particularly warm day for autumn so we braved an outside table and pushed it even further with iced coffees!

Nothing I ate this weekend in London was a dud, and Kopapa did not disappoint. It was great sitting outside under the heating lamps, sipping our coffees and doing some people watching, and boy, does London have some beautiful people. My friend had some Turkish eggs – 2 poached eggs in whipped yoghurt, hot chilli butter and 2 slices of buttered toast. He couldn’t resist a side order of bacon to round it up!

Kopapa 4

I was torn between the French toast and the soft shell crab burger. Behold their descriptions on the menu:
Spiced banana French toast, grilled bacon, orange blossom labne, tamarind raisin relish, orange vanilla syrup
Soft shell crab burger, nam jim salad, spicy peanut mayonnaise, avocado
I mean, give a girl a break! How was I supposed to choose? Some french toast and bacon, or a WHOLE soft shell crab? Don’t kill me, I went for the burger. It. Was. So. Good. Ahhhh.

Kopapa 3

We spied the couple next to us having a cheeky doughnut with their coffee and found out they were from Crosstown and vowed to get some later on in the day. After that indulgent brunch, a brisk walk was needed to burn off the calories (and make space for the doughnut later!) so we headed on to the V&A and the Science Museum to check out some of the exhibits.

We couldn’t ignore the siren call of Soho any longer and succumbed to a peanut butter & berry doughnut for him and a matcha tea doughnut for me at Crosstown. Mine was tinged with a slight bittersweet matcha flavour and went down very easily. My friend had no problems with his doughnut either. However, the quality of service left us wanting. Counter lady made us feel like she was deigning to serve us and probably thought she had better things to do with her time. There probably are a lot of more worthwhile things to do than selling doughnuts, but if you’re going to have it as a job, do it well!

Onward to Joe & The Juice to quench our parched throats with some Hell of a Nerve and Sex Me Up, then it was on to King’s Cross for the train home!

Joe & the juice





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