Mud Crab Industries

I went for a day out in Sheffield recently. Despite its industrial past, I thought Sheffield was quite an attractive city to drive through. But perhaps I’m being unkind, it might be better to say that there is a kind of raw tough beauty to be enjoyed in its old factories, bridges and canals. I can’t say the same for the traffic and the roadworks though! We were thwarted in our attempt to get to Twisted Burger after spending ages getting around multiple different roads to get there, only to find there was no parking to be had. So we made a little detour to Mud Crab Industries instead and boy were we glad of it. The decor and atmosphere was hippy contemporary as many eateries are wont to be these days but it was still a welcome relief from the cold and traffic outside.

Mud crab 1

This was my companion’s 2nd best cheeseburger filled with meat done medium, mature cheddar, grilled onions, club sauce and house pickles alongside good fries. And good fries they were too! Probably the best I’ve had, they were full of flavour from skins left on and kept crisp right to the end of the meal. You might guess I had quite a few of them. Maybe more than a few. There was more than enough to go around!

Mud crab 2

I feel like going ta-dah! This was the magnificent plate of food simply called duck and waffle. It was a glorious, delicious, moreish heaped mess of “slow roasted sticky duck with sweet potato hash, deep fried egg, flying goose sriracha, lime sour cream and griddled waffle with maple syrup”. This is my kind of food and I revelled in every single bite. Perhaps the only slight disappointment was the egg yolk inside had set but I figured the only way they could deep fry the egg was to poach it first, hence a harder yolk. The side of house pickles helped cut through the richness of the other stuff.

We left Sheffield very contented. Next time, we might try to go to all the other places we missed – the Botanical Gardens, Weston Park Museum and Sheffield General Cemetery. And try more good food!



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