Luscious Egg Sandwich

egg sandwich 1

On days when all you want is something comforting, there is nothing like an egg sandwich to fill that deep craving with lusciousness and simplicity. I’ve been having this on repeat since Lidl introduced their olive bread. Bought fresh in the morning when they’re still warm, you can still smell the yeasty goodness emanating off it. They’ve been generous with the olives and dried herbs, dropped generously between the light crumb. There is a balance to strike though in buying it as often as possible before they withdraw it from their bakery and getting sick of eating it too often so I do try to pace myself. I kicked myself for not buying their hazelnut praline pastry more often in summer – it’s gone forever! (Maybe they’ll bring it back next year. One can hope).

There’s really no recipe for this. Get the freshest eggs and the freshest bread and you’ve got yourself a winner of a sandwich. Scramble 2 medium eggs or one large one on a low heat until just wobbly set with some runny streaks through them. Slice the bread in half and toast it. Dollop one side generously with mayo and laden it with the eggs and top with the other side of the bread. Just eat.

egg sandwich 2


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