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A day trip to Skegness proved to be a relaxing day out. We toughed out the cold but sunshiney day on the beautifully deserted beach. A trip there wouldn’t be complete without having the obligatory fish and chips. The fish was incredibly fresh and delicious.

We’d spied the Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary on our way there and stopped by for a visit after lunch. The sanctuary accepts rescued seals and nurses them back to health first in the Seal Hospital, then in the main aquarium before releasing them back into the wild.  There was one inpatient baby seal in the hospital, which reminded me so much of a puppy. Feeding time came around and the sealkeeper (I’m taking a stab at this one) gave us a little educational talk about what they did at the centre while feeding fishies to the seals. Wildlife photography is pretty tricky isn’t it? The buggers move so fast I couldn’t get a really good picture of them in the water. The sanctuary also has a separate aquarium for other fish, aviary, and a tropical house.

I thoroughly recommend making a trip to Skegness in the off-season. Less crowds and more charm. Next time we might actually make it to the Parrot Zoo!


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