Light Bright on the Edge

One very cold mid-January morning we set out for the Peak District

We were headed for Baslow Edge, a 6 mile gentle hike. It was cold but dry and sunny and we warmed up once we got to the edge itself

That is William, a police horse in the top picture and with his partner Whisper in the lower picture. William was a bit hot and sweaty coming down from the moors. I think Whisper’s a great name for a horse

Looking backwards – the path from which we came

And this is a friendly, very fit old man who told us of the origins of Wellington’s monument at Baslow Edge and how he (the man, not Wellington) had trekked all the way from across another edge.

Another gritstone edge across the valley from us

Moors are often said to be bleak but I think they are rather beautiful

Eagle Rock, a remnant of glaciers from the Ice Age. Look at its curvy silhouette – nature’s gentle but persistent sculptors would have taken years to weather it down

The way back was not quite so nice. It involved a lot of trudging through muddy farmland and getting slightly lost. Next time, we will double back on ourselves

I almost didn’t put these last pictures up because they are so different in character. But it ends our hiking story quite well. A very well deserved meal of local sausages and mash. ahhhh….


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