Tapas night at home

Morcilla is a sausage made from pig’s blood, rice, onion and spices. Like a Spanish black pudding. The first time I tasted it was in Barrafina, served as a tapas dish with quail’s eggs and piquillo peppers. Oh, it tasted so good. Rich and unctuous and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I was sold. Recently I went to Copita with a friend for dinner, and again we had morcilla. This time, on its own sliced thin. This was completely different, cured and streaked with fat like Chinese waxed sausage eaten raw.

Yesterday I tried reproducing the dish, but couldn’t find any quail’s eggs, so I had to settle myself with some larger-than-life scallops. I know. The hardship. I coped pretty well. The rest of the morcilla was crumbled into a tortilla. Both of these recipes came from the Barrafina book. All that protein and carbs would have made a pretty rich meal, so my token greens came in the form of chargrilled broccoli with chillies and garlic. It’s one of my favourite dishes from the Ottolenghi book. This is an excellent dish if you need some vegetables in your diet but want to jazz up the usual stir-fry. It’s moreish, and makes me feel virtuous eating all those greens!

If there were any cookbooks worth investing in, the Barrafina and the Ottolenghi cookbooks will be worth it. And they would make great Christmas presents for a keen cook!


4 thoughts on “Tapas night at home

  1. Jules this makes me hungry just looking at the pics! And I just had dinner! 😛 Have a lovely new year ahead my dear, hope to see more posts from you here. xx

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