Winter found me on Maltby Street

Sure, the weather had been cold before, but the morning of last Saturday was biting. You know the kind of cold that freezes your fingers and turns them red. Every movement is slower and taken with care to avoid your skin breaking. That aside, it was at least bright and sunny and made for great pictures. We had warm soft corn pancakes layered with cheese and beef empanadas for breakfast, topped with sips of comforting Monmouth coffee. The rest of the morning we feasted our eyes on amazing produce at the farmer’s shop, taste tested some cheese and were persuaded to buy incredibly plump and juicy oysters and the gentlest of smoked salmon for lunch.


2 thoughts on “Winter found me on Maltby Street

  1. Wow Jules, your pictures make Matlby Street look pretty amazing! 🙂 Awesome pictures…. Also i think i like being hand model a lot more that full model in your pictures! Its nice to accidentally live by this little hidden gem of place in London.

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