Hvar captured my imagination and I fell head over heels in love with it. Wouldn’t you take it as an open invitation too if you saw row upon row of yachts moored in the harbour? All you need to do is step on and sail off into the sunset. And we did. Well, we hired one but let’s skip the practicalities. (Click on the pictures to enlarge!)

Our day spent sailing was the highlight of the holiday for me. I had such a feeling of freedom as we cruised over the waves, wind whipping through my hair, sun in my eyes. This was what holidays were made of. I tried desperately and failed to stay dry so I just succumbed. The salty waves kept battering us as we sailed against the current out into the open sea towards Vis. My friend C observed Croatian sea water was much saltier than elsewhere by the amount of salt crust we had to wipe off our faces and sunnies.

Lunch was at Restaurant Val, and our hostess served up a meal of traditional Croatian dishes. We had a delicious stew of seafood, pasta and beans. Too bad I couldn’t stuff myself, I didn’t want to risk seeing my lunch again on the way back. As it turned out it was a risk worth taking as we were sailing with the current back to Hvar, in time to enjoy the sunset. A miniscule flying fish made a dash over the boat but all I saw was a flutter in the corner of my eye.

The day before we had walked up the hill to the castle. It was a pretty walk, with gorgeous scenery overlooking the harbour. C had a brilliant idea to take another route less travelled home. Well, it did lead us back, but only after a little detour around the island! And another serendipitous encounter with a beekeeper, when we stopped for a little rest and to take in the scenery.

Back at the flat, we munched on juicy pomegranates whilst C and S nursed a concussed little birdie (flew right into the kitchen door!) back to health.

It was a day and night of walks as we took another long, long trek along a cliff road to a restaurant with its own private beach. But it was worth it as we paused to enjoy the moonlight reflecting off the black sea. We had some delicious prawn buzzara, in a white wine, garlic and parsley sauce.

C and I arrived in Hvar a day earlier than the others and our landlady gave us directions to a beach near the flat. So we walked down the hill, past a grove of pine trees and onto a stone pathway that hugged the coastline. C took a few steps down the slope and lo and behold discovered a darling little corner of the world we called our private beach. As far as beaches went it had a few deckchairs on a rocky outcrop and no sand in the strict definition of a beach but it was quiet and afforded a gorgeous view of the sunset. Our very own little secret.

Friend A taught us how to play Monopoly Deal and we were hooked! Hilarious and completely off book tactics ensued. Did I mention we were really competitive? We were so addicted that we played it in Dubrovnik airport, and on the Gatwick train back into London. Friend S got hooked on Nickelback’s ‘Far Away’. C rues the day I introduced it to S!  And if it wasn’t Nickelback it was Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. Obviously sang very off tune and very loudly by us.


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