Date Night

My dears, the man and I actually went out on a proper date last week! I dressed up in a little black number and red shoes and the man put on a clean, ironed shirt and chinos, and we even did our hair up for the occasion! Our destination was favourite French restaurant Petit Paris. We talked about nonsensical things, our servers were charmingly French and were in a good enough mood to banter, so all in all we had a great night out.

Our starters of deep fried goats cheese salad and grilled asparagus with poached egg went down with no complaints. My asparagus had a smoky flavour and was still crisp. That poached egg oozed glorious yolk which coated everything else in its egginess.

Look at my steak! I know I have sung its praises before, but just look! I’m afraid the man’s roast duck just paled in comparison. We’ve now made a pact to just order steak for our mains whenever we come back here.

The desserts were scrumptious. My raspberry and lime sorbet was light, refreshing and extremely flavoursome. The man’s Eton mess was classic meringue with strawberries and cream.

It’s a standing joke between us that we have a hard time spending even an hour having a meal out, but we were having so much fun that almost two hours went by without notice. We then walked out into the cool night back to our car to Gloria Gaynor’s “I WILL SURVIVE!” blasting out of a club. What a great night.



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