Some Things for the Weekend

I felt so virtuous yesterday. My failing exercise regime got kickstarted again, which left me completely knackered but so amazingly good (beware those endorphins!). So great did I feel, I didn’t give a hoot that we proceeded to have a Full English Breakfast at lunch. Then because guilt started to set in, I had a light Capri Salad for dinner.

Yesterday’s early start was completely offset by waking up late today, and I blame the clocks moving forward. That, and I had some weird dream about having to catch a train to Copenhagen but took one that went to Heskriol instead. I had to change at the next stop, Dungang. As luck would have it, the train to Copenhagen flew past Dungang station from the opposite platform. The end. (Heskriol does not exist. If it doesn’t exist on Google it officially does not exist. Dungang does, in China!)

Lunch today consisted of griddled calamari with some Greek salad.  This was our default salad we ordered on our holiday in Crete. Their tomatoes beat British tomatoes hands down. Must be the extra extra sunshine they get!

No recipes required this time. The calamari is griddled on a hot pan 2 minutes on each side, then dressed with salt, pepper, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil we got from Crete and tastes really clean and fruity. The salad consists of chopped tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and olives all dressed with that same oil and topped with a fat chunk of feta cheese and dried mixed herbs.

A couple of weeks ago we had the calamari with some grape, apple and celery salad. Again, pretty obvious what goes into the salad, which is dressed with some mayo and chopped parsley and topped with a hardboiled egg.

Both salads complemented the squid really well, and are perfect for a light summer lunch. Or for those wishing that summer would come already for goodness sake!


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