Petit Paris

Good friends came for a visit last weekend and we went to Petit Paris, a French restaurant that somehow got neglected in the internal restaurant map of our minds. I doubt we’ll make that mistake again, that steak is still playing on my mind. Apologies for the lack of starters, we were so hungry I forgot to take photos of those until CL’s hubby reminded us!

Venison steak with blackcurrant sauce and celeriac gratin


Slow roast pork belly with braised Savoy cabbage


Confit of duck leg with spiced plum sauce, steamed pak choi and rice (don’t know what this was doing on a French menu to be honest)


The star of the show – steak done rare with melted stilton cheese and port sauce

All of our main courses were done to a T and we shared bites of our own courses with each other. That steak however, was quite the most delicious steak I’ve ever had. It was pink and soft and velvety on the inside with a great char on the outside from the griddle pan flavoured with that rich, pungent cheese.

Orange pannacotta with cardamom creme anglaise


Chocolate and nut pudding, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream


Lemon tart and raspberry sorbet

As great as our mains were, the desserts didn’t match up and they were, how shall I put it – adequate. All the desserts were too firm for my liking. Pannacotta should be soft and wobbly and almost threatening to disintegrate but somehow managing to retain its shape. This one had a touch too much gelatin in it. The same again applied to the chocolate pudding, it didn’t have an almost melting interior that I expected. And that lemon filling in the tart was the completely wrong texture although flavour-wise it was good. The sorbet however was deliciously tangy.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was lively and buzzy with the Saturday night crowd and service was good although you could see they were busy, with the restaurant being fully booked. The menu is very reasonably priced and together with the great quality of food explains why this place is such a popular choice with locals. A great place to come out with friends to catch up with.


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