Christmas telly and lunch

Christmas has come and gone! Boo.

This year’s Crimbo telly has been especially good methinks. Or maybe it was the 4-day weekend that allowed more than enough time for lounging in front of the TV in pyjamas. The Gruffalo voiced by Robbie Coltrane (aka Hagrid), James Corden as the tongue-in-cheek mouse and Rob Brydon as a Welsh snake was 30 minutes of pure good-quality, classic animation fun. I woke the boyfriend up from his afternoon nap and made him stay awake so he wouldn’t miss this gem. I missed Downton Abbey on ITV1 earlier this year, so I definitely was not going to miss the new BBC Upstairs, Downstairs miniseries. The show perfectly evoked the glamour of 1930’s London. It was all red lipstick, short curls, sequinned long gowns and dinner jackets upstairs and dowdy maid unforms with smart butler in suits and driver uniforms downstairs. Lovely! Also, a particularly hilarious Christmas edition of QI had me laughing out loud. Not to mention the new series of Top Gear with road trips to NYC and the Middle East with juvenile pranks and unintelligible car-speak galore. And last but not least a repeat of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps with the scrumptious Rupert Penry-Jones as Richard Hannay (seen on catch-up on demand, although I have now watched it three times). We bought the Inception DVD as our special Christmas movie this year. It is still languishing in the shelves.

In anticipation of all the work that would be involved with cooking Christmas dinner, lunch was a low key multiethnic affair consisting of pigs in a blanket, spring rolls and wontons of various sorts, and smoked salmon with cream cheese blinis. What a mishmash of food eh? In contrast to dinner in which almost everything was made from scratch, it was an instant food lover’s delight which needed nothing more than reheating food in the oven and assembling the blinis.

Jewelled torn smoked salmon cushioned by lemony cream cheese and topped with the subtle sweetness of dill


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