Borough Market

Let’s make a trip to Borough Market shall we?

Autumn is here and the trees are wearing glorious crowns of burning reds, flaming oranges and bright yellows. The countryside is dotted with scenes like these on the way down south.

Here we are! Boy, it’s crowded. Borough Market is one of the top foodie destinations in London and many tourists come to gawk and take photos of the produce on sale. If I were to cook dinner only with ingredients found here, what would I make?

Check out these cannibalistic Jack O’Lanterns. Someone’s taken a lot of care to carve these out so well.

More Jacks waiting to pounce on unsuspecting vegetables minding their own business. The soft courgettes had better watch out.

Look above the crowds and there are signs towards more stalls. First up, something to decorate the table with.

Look at all the beautiful bouquets on sale! I’m sure we can find a suitably autumn-y table arrangement. Don’t they look just like the trees do now.

Right, now for the starter. Something light from the sea perhaps.

How about a medley of fishies in a soup?

Or even better, freshly shucked oysters that taste just like the sea they came from.

Fresh clams! Wonder how they’d taste like…

Plump, sweet and juicy is the answer! Dare I say I like fresh clams even better than oysters. I love the purple rim on the inner surface of the shell. Don’t they just look like they’re blushing to show themselves off.

On to the main course! Let’s go for a hearty roast chicken. It’s a case of being spoilt for choice here at the butcher’s. I can’t decide between the lemon & chilli or the wild garlic & herb ones.

A side of sauteed wild mushrooms should go very well indeed with the roast chicken. This time I won’t have a problem choosing which ones I want, I”ll just take them all!

A little tipple to go with our meal perhaps? “If champagne is becoming a pain and cava too much of a drama, then it’s time to go prosecco”

I can’t resist these cheese wheels. A little slice from each for a cheese plate to end the meal with would do just fine.

And to top it all of, crumbly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside melt-in-your-mouth meringues with coffee.

This ends our tour of Borough Market, back to a good friend’s place for tea and a chat!


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