Crete dreams – mouthwatering food

Lounging in the hotel bar

Being charmed by the bartender – the weather was bad because we weren’t around

Salted popcorn,

Cold refreshing Mythos beer

Great music

Lots of frappe with milk and sugar

A frappe a day keeps the doctor away

Early breakfast, dive

Late lunch, late dinner

Taverna Vergina times three

Stuffed vine leaves “Mama make!”

Tamam, Kyria Maria, Myrogdies, Akrogiali, Yiannis taverna

The original gyros kebab

Deep fried whitebait

Greek salad with deeply blushing tomatoes

Fire spirit raki

Watermelon, grapes, figs honeyed by sunlight

Sea urchin – briny sweet with olive oil and lemon

Grilled octopus and cuttlefish

Briny pungent olives

Greek yoghurt and honey with bread for breakfast

Lamb in your stew, in your burgers, in your kebabs

Romantic Myrogdies – jasmine scented air, mellow lighting, pomegranate trees

Smoky pork apakia, beetroot salad, vine leaves, octopus

All to ourselves


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