Crete dreams – Diving

Hot blue skies

Denim shorts and tortoiseshell sunglasses

Black bikinis and suits,

Skintight wetsuits – suck it all in!

Salt on skin, bleached hair

Lounging in the hammock under the palms

Wind-sheltered cove but sharp blustery African sirocco on first day

Panorama of open sky, greybluewhite mountains, azure blue sea

Boats gently floating anchored at the jetty

Chilling out by the pool under the blazing afternoon sun

Curling up with affectionate orange tabby, brushing off cat hairs from clothes

Diving in paradise

Anxious, euphoric

Breathing underwater for the first time

Flooding the bloody mask!

Makis dive instructor – stump of left index never asked why

Cool, laidback, great tutor

One-on-one sessions

Ela! Aallriighht!

All-OK signs, little jiggy in the water – praise for maneouvres well done

Blowing water rings

Sea urchins, moray eel, ornate wrasse, sea snail, sole, scorpionfish, shards of pottery

Class in session – videos, tutorials, questions, pool dive, shore dive

Studying on a holiday!

Don’t forget to equalize

Final 18m dive, sea tunnel, wall of coral, sheer drop

Driving the boat back to shore – sun on your skin, wind rushing through your hair

Going so fast oh the joy, the power! Not too near the rocks now

What is swimming after diving?


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